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Resources: Products
Image by Austin Wilcox


Make your own nut, seed, grain, or plant-based milk at home.  The milk tastes SO much better than the stuff in the store with the fillers and difficult-to-pronounce ingredients.  I LOVE my Almond Cow!  

Use my link to save $25 on your Almond Cow purchase.  



Fullscript offers over 60,000 products such as essential oils, health & beauty products (e.g. toothpaste, deodorant, facial care products, etc.) and cleaning supplies.  

Please check with your medical provider before ordering supplements to make sure they are right for your specific health situation. 

As a coach and massage therapist, I do not prescribe supplements as that is outside my scope of practice.  However, I can help you find resources to learn more.  Please reach out if you have questions.  



Navage is a sinus washing system to irrigate sinuses. This link provides $20 off your purchase.

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